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Wogrolling is the act of driving ones car at high angle (not perpendicular ), and at slow speeds over a speed bump, bump in the road, or most commonly driveways or entranceways to avoid the scraping of either the front bumper/lip or the underbody of the vehicle.
This is common to cars which have been lowered or "slammed" for looks.
Wogrolling is time consuming and drivers behind the "wogroller" often get angry and beep.
Julian's car is so low he has to Wogroll!

Check out Sam Wogrolling his slammed Subaru Impreza!

My car is so low, I think I am going to have to Wogroll this driveway.

That guys car is so HellaFlush ! He must have to Wogroll his own driveway!
by PROTEIN May 28, 2013
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