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The ability to carry on a conversation with one's head planted firmly up one's arse/ass.

What a wobnoid!
This guy is a real Wobnoid.

"The question itself is a wormhole of sorts, or a sublime adit to an endless rabbit warren, that monkeys not just with what we, by nature don't fully comprehend, but by example above and (no doubt also soon below), will demonstrate, perhaps only for God's amusement, what whimsical lengths lemmings will go to confirm their individual fervency that they've cracked the code to personal flight. There are weaker forces and stronger forces that create their own myopic often dualistic, universes within the fabric of greater universes that concurrently play act in still greater ones. Hell! Most of the weak force is accounted for with the voodoo economics of dark matter - which apparently doesn't care if we ever see the wizard or not - as long as we slack-jaw awe at the wonderful things she does. Aimless meandering then... I call it free-radical will. Never neutral, and having let my mesons off for the long holiday weekend, something in all of this keeps me repulsed. It's not that the subject is grave. No. Not in the least. But the electric bill is paid and what seems attractive is mostly impossible. Silly rabbit!"
by Yornz December 12, 2011
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