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WoFuS is a scale that has become a defacto standard for rating women's attractiveness.

It combines the effect of “beer goggles” and the regret of having sex with a particular woman. The scale utilizes two digits in order to achieve this.

The 1st digit refers to the number of drinks (one beer or a shot)one has to consume in order to be attracted enough to want to have sex with the woman. The 2nd digit measures the regret of having had sex with the same woman upon sobering up. This measure is from 0 to 10. Zero means that the woman is attractive enough to have sex with completely sober. Ten is very extreme and usually means severe psychological trauma or death, as would be the case if one had sex with a woman with AIDS, or one’s own mother.

Attractive women are rated as 0 0, since one can have sex with them sober and regret nothing. The WoFuS rating for these women now takes on a third digit. Third digit is a scale of 1 to 10 of how attractive a woman is. Ten is extremely rare and is a benchmark for what a woman should look like, usually a celebrity. Any woman that is rated 0 0, is referred to as a “double O”. Double Os essentially have their own category within WoFuS, and aside from the 00 part it is just like a common 1 to 10 rating scale.

For extremely ugly women, WoFuS users simply give them a generic rating of 20 10. Meaning 20 drinks will put one in a state of blackout/alcohol poisoning, just to wake to a considerably decreased desire to live
Example 1) if one were to WoFuS a woman as a 4 2 it means that one would need to have had four drinks to have sex with her. And once one sobers up, on a scale of 0 to 10 one’s regret would be at 2. This could possibly be a chunky woman with whom an awkward future encounter is anticipated, hence a bit of regret.

Example 2) If one were to WoFuS a woman as a 00 9 (pronounced “double O nine”) that would mean that it is one of the most attractive women that one have ever seen.
by WoFuS _D March 24, 2010
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