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(See WNPO)

Wnpotis (pronounced "Win-PO-Tis") is the pathological behavior of judges who find pleasure in wearing minimal clothing during court proceedings.

The unique name is a derivative of WNPO, a lifestyle and movement in which participants and activists opt to free their state of mind by wearing no pants and ending each sentence exlaiming this practice (See WNPO). Some judges of late have abused this movement and taken to the courtrooms "WNPO-Style" in a manner which can be considered nothing less than pathological.

It has been compared to a Napoleonic Complex of sorts, and some say it actually impairs the judge's ability to perform his or her duties to the best of their ability. The focal point becomes the lack of pants, rather than the freedom from the socio-economical norm that real WNPO's (Pronounced WinPO's) celebrate. This is seen as blasphemy by the WNPO community.

As of June 1, 2009, there are no treatment facilities in the US dealing with this condition, although a traditional Twelve-Step approach is recommended.
"Court lasted all day. What should have taken about a half hour took at least six hours. The judge was all over the place. The only thing she kept her eyes on was the floor. It was almost as if she were looking at her legs for some reason. And I could not believe the guilty verdict she came up with! Even the lawyers said, for a first offender, he should have gotten a more lenient sentence. She clearly has Wnpotis, and it is unfortunate. I wonder how many other people who have went before her in court have suffered as a result of her condition."
by MagnusPie June 06, 2009
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