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A person from somewhere other than England who tries very hard to speak/act/look English. A "Wannabe-Englishman."
American: I'm going to do a "British Accent." *sounding Australian/too posh* Right here on the sidewalk by the trash can, I am a Brit drinking my afternoon tea.

Englishman: ..No... Just no. So Wnglish.
by Kilele July 30, 2010
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Wnglish is a new languge that i made up cuz i cant spell 4 shit online. Any word that i mispell now just becomes a new word in wnglish. Even the word wnglish is a wnglish word. Obviously it is english spelled wrong u fuckin idiot. Below is gonna be a list of all the wnglish words me and my friends have come up with so far. If u wanna be a BAMF like us just add any word u spell wrong, if u dont then ur a fuckin douche bag and should go die.
Wnglish: I just fuckin explained that u douche
by Ryan Steward July 31, 2006
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