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This is a game to be played when someone puts together a party for the drinking game Wisest Wizard.

Requirements: A party full of guys playing Wisest Wizard, 3-5 men that would rather do anything else, and approximately five attractive women for each of the 3-5 men.

Rules: As Wisest Wizard commences and all of the other men begin to build their staves and speak in wizard rhetoric and get drunker and drunker, the participants in Wizard's Folly will begin approaching the attractive women of the party with the phrase 'Can you believe these fags?'. They will then have fifty words or less to convince the woman to go bang in the bathroom or any other bang-friendly quarters. For every word past fifty they speak in attempting to convince the woman, they must take a drink.

Boss Fighting: For every fifth word past the first fifty that the participant speaks, he must punch himself in the balls. If he fails to do this, another Wizard's Folly participant is allowed to do this for him. Any explanation as to boss fighting rules given to the woman is subject to the normal past-fifty-word rules. If the participant chooses to pursue another woman, his word count resets.

Winning: The first participant to successfully bang a woman from the party while still adhering to all of the rules of Wizard's Folly, wins, although really everyone that had the sense or bearing to refuse to participate in Wisest Wizard in the first place is a winner.
A Round Of Wizard's Folly:

'Can you believe these fags?'

'Don't say fag, that's really offensive.'

'Not for me, I'm gay.'

'Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I've been on edge all night since my friend invited me to this party full of guys that are clearly all future sex offenders.'

'Want to go bang in the bathroom?'
by themadstork March 26, 2010
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