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The act of "concentrating, exploring your past, finding a memory allowing it to fill you up, losing yourself, then speaking the incantation" "Expecto patronum" Whilst simultaneuosly ejaculating on a mud blood and mopping the patronus all over their face.
Harry: "Ron you ginger fuck, you get in last night?"

Ron: "Dude Tots whipped out the ol Basilisk no 'alohamora' needed, chamber of secrets opened gave her the vintage wizard mop"

Harry:"Magical stuff, told you man Hogwarts girls go crazy for the dark magic"

Ron: "That is also true, Could've sworn it was moaning Myrtle for a second bro, bitch was speaking in Parseltongue, Thanks for the advice...Your a wizard Harry"
by YourSickUncleNeddy January 16, 2013
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