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When the typical marijuana effects (indica and sativa), affect you in reverse. The commonly known Indica or "in the couch" actually makes you more uplifted and up like Wiz Khalifa. And a sativa may make you more sleepy and have a greater munchies sensation.
"There's no better kind, whether sativa or indica. It just depends on your chemical makeup, who you are. Some people smoke sativa and feel more up and smoke indica and feel more down. I'm the type of the person where I smoke indica and feel way more up and smoke sativa and feel down. That's the opposite of what happens for most people." - Wiz to Esquire

Yo man why'd you pick up indica weed, it's day time?

Sorry bro I have Wiz Khalifa Syndrome. Indicas actually gets my creative juices flowing.
by Pudge Rodriguez August 11, 2018
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