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This is a variation of the drinking game Wisest Wizard. The Hogwart's Rules of Wisest Wizard allow people who are unable to drink alcoholic beverages (either because of age, condition, personal choice or other restrictions) to play the game with others. The variation's name is based on the fact that Hogwart's is a wizard school, and while the school teaches the lessons that wizards must know for their magical lives, the students at Hogwart's do not face the same challenges as a full adult wizard.

Play of Wisest Wizard, Hogwart's Rules are precisely like Wisest Wizard, with the following exceptions:

- Instead of cans of beer or other alcoholic beverages, sugary non-alcoholic beverages are used. The original incarnation of this rule had players drinking cans of Yoo-Hoo. However, any canned, high-sugar beverage can be used - colas like Pepsi and Coke, energy beverages like Red Bull, citrus beverages like Mountain Dew and Root Beer are but a few examples of the beverages that may be substituted. Leveling up proceeds as the original rules dictate.

- Since this is a non-alcoholic version of Wisest Wizard, the Boss Battles in order to surpass the plateau level (every 5th Level in the standard Wisest Wizard rules) needed to be adjusted. By their nature, shots are essentially stronger and more concentrated versions of their canned cousins, beer. Therefore, in the Hogwart's Rules, shot of non-alcoholic liquids of strong flavor are used in Boss Battles instead of vodka, gin and others. Examples of strong-flavored fluids include, but are not limited to: condiments, salad dressings, concentrated liquid drink mixes, vinegars, energy shots, and lemon and lime juices. When picking the Bosses, be smart - do not choose substances that endanger any of your players. However, be imaginative - some alcohols used in shots are nasty tasting, so having unpleasant Bosses isn't outside of the realms of possibility.

- Adjust Wizard Lingo to be appropriate for your options. "Feeling Wise," for example, can mean one of two things - the person playing is feeling a sugar buzz, or the person playing is feeling sick (after all, drinking Yoo-Hoo and shots of Caesar Dressing tends to leave the stomach befouled). "Wizard's Chess" can still be played, but players drink their chosen non-alcoholic beverage instead of a beer. And so forth.

- Be creative in adding additional rules to this variation. The spirit of making the Hogwart's Rules variation of this game is to allow a group of friends, no matter what their age, beliefs or conditions, to enjoy this fantastic and fun drinking game together. Custom tailor these rules for your friends or drinking companions so that everyone can walk away a winner, with a masterful Wizard's Staff of their own!
I wanted to play Wisest Wizard, but I'm not old enough yet. Luckily, someone bought a case of Pepsi and a bunch of salad dressing, so I'll be able to play Wisest Wizard, Hogwart's Rules.
by Tuck The Producer July 25, 2008
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