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Inferiority complex displayed in an individual who immigrates from Wisconsin to Chicago and makes up for it by acting aloof, superior and/or self-righteous. This person might be considered the Christopher Columbus of culture. Spending their lives convincing others that they've discovered Thai food, Woody Allen "films", Banksy. This person may be disguised as a thrift store mannequin i.e. oversized non-prescription glasses, shoddily dyed hair, moth-eaten cardigans and brown fingertips from their newly acquired smoking habit. This person will be seen riding a "fixie" bicycle and drinking a PBR or if it's payday a Leinenkugel.
Theresa and Steve recently added an art installation to their loft after serving a dinner composed of lavender infused bamboo shoots. Dinner conversation ranged from not sports to Pitchfork.

Theresa and Steve display classic symptoms of Wisconsin Syndrome. You can find this ailment in the upcoming edition of the DSM.
by hipstum November 03, 2011
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