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Short for Wisconsin Zamboni, this act first requires any person performing to grow/acquire a moustache, a beautiful woman and inclement weather.
The task: Take said moustache into at least a windchill of -20F until it frosts over nicely. Second, have the beautiful woman lay naked somewhere close to your front door (i.e. bear skin rug by a fireplace). Finally, once moustache is sufficiently frozen proceed inside quickly, dive into her vaginal orifice, moustache first, and proceed to eat her out. If she melts all frozen substance off the moustache you will have performed a Wisco Zambo.
John "We were chillin' by the fireplace and I went outside to get a brewski, next thing you know I was giving her the Wisco Zambo!"

Stu "I wish I could grow a moustache!"
by G. Mitchell January 15, 2009
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