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A girl is "Wisco Hot" if she appears to be attractive as a single young female, but it is painfully obvious that due to her personality, genes, and place of residence, she will become incredibly unattractive shortly after getting married. Having children with her spouse will accelerate this process. This term is frequently shortened to just "Wisco," but someone who is Wisco can have any physical appearance. Someone who appears Wisco Hot is currently desirable, but will not be in the future. A thick Wisconsin accent is usually the best giveaway that an attractive girl is Wisco Hot, but her clothing and makeup choices, along with a face that looks just a couple of years too old, an unambitious personality and no strong desire to leave Wisconsin are also very strong indicators.

This term can possibly apply to women from other parts of the upper midwest as well, but it is most prevalent in Wisconsin.
Guy 1: Hey man, you see that 8 at the end of the bar with the slutty dress and big tits?
Guy 2: Don't even bother talking to her unless you just want a quick lay and you're not going to call her again, she's not worth it.
Guy 1: What? Why?
Guy 2: She's hot now, but you can tell she's starting to get a little fat and her makeup is covering up the fact that she already kind of looks 28. That chick is totally Wisco Hot.
by Disappointed Badger June 19, 2010
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