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A colloquial Sri Lankan/ South Asian term referring to a bro who has been designated as your wingman for the evening.

The prerequisite to be a Wingmachan is as follows:
- be of Tamil, Sinhalese, or Sri Lankan descent
- have excellent knowledge of the female species
- a thorough knowledge of the Machan Code (akin to the infamous "Bro Code")
- one who always has a scotch, whiskey, or arrack on hand at all times or be well versed in haute liquor
"Adai! Voud you Vanttoo <insert head wobble> come to the party as my designated Wingmachan?"

"She's like the Dow Jones, I'm gonna need my best Wingmachan on this"

"Here's the plan, you distract the Aunttty, and I'll chat up the hottieee, ok Wingmachan? <insert head wobble>
by Lokku Putha October 14, 2011
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