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A crazy fuck language that replaces letters from usual letters from words with letters or numbers that look like the intended letter (related to ebonics).

Also spells words like someone with epilepsy.

Most annoying is the replacement of:
"g" with the letter "q"
Adding a "0" behind all "o"
Using "3" for the letter "e"
With more various concoctions.

Done over Myspace bulletins and comments.
This is done as to make it seem as though the people are cool and that they have lives in which others would envy.

Although the only thing that is actually going on in the minds of the people that are reading it are:
"Why would anyone type this badly?"
"They are so immature, I swear our tax dollars are going to waste with kids these days typing like this."
"These people need to be educated... Quick, my eyes are bleeding."
Example 1:
"lmao ! i quess. . l0l buhh it was fun . . a whole lotta chicos = made me happy ! but yea omq i miss youu to0 guyy ! we willl hanq. . one dayy outta the many dhat we have this summer ="

Example 2:
"hahaa ! so0 maybee youu sould join " my circle " and qit in itt ! ="

Example 3:
"ummm sweetie y0oh r a lame ahh betch ! nd y0oh make no sense so stfu ! lol .. =

I be talkin dat r34l thugggg Wilseetamarie qit liik3 m3 betch!
by real thug888 May 29, 2007
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