A wild school that’s filled with thots who think that they’re all that when irl they re just some side hoe and fuckboys who think that just because they throw up gang signs in pictures that they’re tough shit. The school is lowkey the worst thing on earth.
“William Tennent High School is terrible
by Chlorine xoxo October 30, 2017
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Located in Warminster, Pennsylvania, it is the public high school for the children of Warminster, Ivyland, and Southampton. Known to most as "Tennent", the school is attended by mostly tools and wannabe sluts.

Tennent is home to the William Tennent Panthers. Although most of the school's teams aren't very successful, the students and family show love and support at every event.

Nicknames: Tennent and White Trash High School (By those of other school districs).
"You goin' to Tennent (William Tennent High School) tonight for the game? Everyone's gonna be there!"
by Dr. Devitt October 23, 2011
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William Tennent, mostly known as Tennent, is 80% pot heads. Almost ever person you look at is either high or intoxicated in some way. There is so many fuck boys it's actually crazy. In the cafeteria bathrooms, girl pass around their nics (vapes) and carts (weed pens) and is probably the same in the mens bathroom. Execpt someone broke the pipeline in the boys bathroom.
William Tennent High School honestly changes you.
by Hawkh8syou February 18, 2022
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A big ass shit hole that is attended by absolute retards and pisspots
You seen that retard who goes to William Tennent High School
Yeah they stupid asf
by Rando on the street November 21, 2021
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