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Willany knows how to hustle . She is very creative and can make anything out of nothing. She is extremely intelligent and beautiful. And you'll soon find out that she had a dark sense of humor. Willany is unique, one of a kind, and original. (She's probably the only one with her name)
Willany is amazing.
by Willany'sbigsister May 16, 2018
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Willany is a Funny,Sweet,Intelligent,Loving,Kind,Understanding,Emotional person she is an extrovert but can be an introvert when she needs to be People love being around her cause she always finds a way to make you laugh it's hard to stay mad at her no matter how hard she tries, she is a person who will never give up no matter how much ties it take. She is often misunderstood because of the tough person she tries to portray herself as when meeting new people; and as you would be able to see when you meet her Willany is GORGEOUS, she stands out from a crowd ,Willany loves guys that can tell her how they feel about her and hates it when guys tell others to tell her and she loves sweet kind hearted guys they should also be funny but serious when they have to be, she doesnt expect the guy to be perfect as long as he's a good person.
Me:I wish I had a friend

Willany: You already have one
Me: Who?
Willany: ME of course
ME: Thanks that means alot
by An I.C.S student September 30, 2018
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