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A middle school full for wannabes, popluars, 'gangsters', freaks, and normals. WFMS doesn't have nerds.
Most of the smart people are usually cool or normals.
The freaks in WFMS are usually the ones that play with those pokemon crap or those monster playing cards.The 6th graders tend to think that they're the shit ,and that they're so cool when they are not.6th graders also tend to make up rumors like the one where Mrs. Grammenos has thrown a chair at a student (It's not true). 7th graders are okish they know the school and they respect the 8th graders, but constrantly say things like " The 6th graders are so annoying this year." even tho they were once 6th graders and people said this about them also. The 8th graders are extremely cocky, they think that since they're older they rule the school. The 8th graders usually claim the back seats on the school bus.8th graders always think they're in charge but deep inside them they knew they are still the same as the 6th graders and 7th graders.
A day in Willam Floyd Middle School

6th grader: OMG did you hear Mrs. Grammenos threw a chair at a kid!!!!!!!! I saw it!!!!!

6th grader2: OMG I heard she's bi polar

7th grader: The sixth graders are such short losers this year

6 grader 1: NO!

8th grader : Losers why are you in the back, only 8th grade can site here.

8th grader 2 : I hate William Floyd Middle School , I cant wait till the high school!
by Wfms'er August 11, 2011
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