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The Wild African Rattlesnake, native to eastern Australia, is a ferocious snake, belonging to the Crotalinae (pit viper) family. It can be identified by its unique blue and yellow colors. Easily the most deadly of the rattle snakes, the Wild African Rattler can launch itself through the air for over 100 yards before injecting its venom into prey. In an interesting twist, The Wild African Rattler's rattle is on it's head, and its fangs are on its tail, which is the opposite of a traditional rattlesnake. The snake is blind, and finds prey with the sensors in it's tail. It's two intertwined fangs, which stiffen when stimulated (by nearby prey), carry a neurotoxin nearly 14 times stronger than that of the famous black mamba. The only known humans to survive a bite from one of these snakes are Chuck Norris and the late Steve Irwin. The primary prey of the wild African Rattler's primary prey are Kangaroos and small Aboriginal children. Virginia Opossums are immune to their venom, and are their only natural predators. They, unfortunately, live on an entirely different continents, though some Australian villages have begun to train the possums to protect them from this terrifying threat.
A solitary killer, the Wild African Rattler stalks its prey. sensing movement, it leaps some 80 yards before plunging it's fangs into a young kangaroo. The Rattler has found its meal for the day, and begins to eat.
by CrocHunter February 13, 2011
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