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Descendant of North Eastern Kansas known for living in mobile homes, consuming unhealthy amounts of PBR, amassing an impressive collection of automobilia destined to kill the grass in the front yard for decades, and smoking an inhuman quantity of "the Kind." Generally developing a police record before adulthood, these rare and noble creatures can be seen stealing anything that isn't chained down to pawn for beer money or evading the police while riding a lawnmower on "COPS."
Is that a Marijuana plant growing on the front porch of that trailer home?

Don't stare honey, those are Wilbilly's...lock the your window all the way up? CHECK AGAIN GODDAMN IT!!

I think that small child just flipped me off!! OH SHIT DRIVE HAROLD ONE OF THEM IS TRYING TO SELL ME WEED!!!
by Wilbilly82 July 25, 2011
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