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The Wikipedian Loop occurs when the use of Wikipedia to research a particular subject leads to an infinite loop of addiction.

This addiction is characterised by staring transfixed at Wikipedia pages for hours at a time and usually results in varying levels of frustration and distress at the impossibility of ever successfully reading through all the Wikipedia pages currently open without the urge to open even more to linked subjects and thus continue the Loop.

At its climax an infinite number of screens may be open (allowing for your computers capabilities).

See also: Wiki Loop
I got sucked into a Wikipedian Loop man, I was there for like 5 hours, I started on 'Smallpox' and ended up in 'History of Adidas'...I had 26 screens open...luckily the computer crashed or I'd still be there now...
by Marie Penney January 24, 2007
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