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v. the act of shutting down your opponent's argument by looking up the correct information on wikipedia.
Meg: "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" was totally coined on SATC.

Samir: "I just looked it up and it was a song released in 2001"

Meg: "Dude, you totally wikipedia-ed me"!
by MePa February 12, 2010
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1. To copy and paste information on Wikipedia, constantly frowned upon by educators.
2. To look up information to shut down an argument.
3. To be acknowledged on Wikipedia, usually boosting one's social stats.
1. 'Jack, did you copy and paste from Wikipedia? I will be contacting your mother regarding this.'
2. 'Shawn Mendez was NOT born in Canada,', Conan exclaimed when suddenly, Jack pulled his MyPhone ECKS Wikipediaed it, 'Lookie here, he was born in TORONTO, boi.'
3. 9/11 was Wikipediaed about quite a while afterwards.
by The Canadian Textbook December 19, 2017
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