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A person who has learned a large amount of semi-useless knowledge, but once in a while comes across a "gold nugget" that blows your mind.
Guy #1: "If anything is to come of us I demand you go off birth control for 6 months to a year. Eventually, of course."

Girl #1: umm why?

Guy #1: Cause. Woman subconsciously have an instinct to be attracted to males with a different histamine complex. They can smell it, oddly enough since it secretes a scent. In meshing the differing complexes it makes their child have an expanded immune system. However, when the woman is on birth control the body is acting as if it's pregnant and not seeking a mate, therefore is more likely to pick a male that has a similar histamine complex, because instincts want something reassuring and such. SO, when they get married and things down the line and stop the birth control, they're likely to no longer be attracted to one another. Hence the larger divorce rate now, due to the birth control spike in the 70's-80's.
Guy #2: Damn. o.o You fucking encyclopedia.
Girl #2: giggles.
by The Wriggling Wiggler September 09, 2012
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