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When you hear someone say something so idiotic, particularly when they're trying to get the last word in and walking away, it makes you turn your head so fast. That's a wigsnap. Something which makes you chringe, you do a double take and have a wigsnap. {WTF moment}{makes your head spin, for a derogatory reason}{idiotic}{{daft}{neck}{head spin}
She said, "your marrying the interloper you had the affair with for 14 years of our marriage"?
He walked past her and said, "yeah, I was going to have our daughter tell you, but she didn't want to".
The child was 10. She turned to look at him as he walked away in that WTF moment and could feel her head and neck cock back and turn so fast. It was a true wigsnap.
by Ibapj2 December 28, 2015
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