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or Wiggly Gang
A term, growing in popularity among youth in Alberta, Canada, referring to a large group of people that don't act or dress like gangsters (more along the lines of emo, skater, misfit, etc.) but hang out in massive groups all day, every day, usually with no destination, plan, for no reason whatsoever. The members usually have a huge age range, as in 12 to 30, Each individual usually has a street name with no meaning (E.g. Bubbles, Kitty, Psyduck, get the point). If any one of them leaves to do anything, most of the group will likely follow. Most members annoying, some may even despise eachother, but they still hang out.....because it's what they do.

(Commonly spotted walking through malls, hanging out on the street, or wherever the group takes them.)
Dude 1: Yo, check out the crowd, there must be like 40 of em.

Dude 2: Yea man, they're my wiggly gangstas.......dude I see I see Potato, be right back!!

-Dude 2 comes back-

Dude 2: We should totally hang out with these guys for the night.

Dude 1: And do what....

Dude 2: I dunno, whatever comes up.

-Enormous crowd of random looking people begin to slowly get closer-

Dude 1:............fuck this.

by AppIeJuice December 16, 2009
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