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One who has breath that smells like wiener. It's not hot-dog breath, it smells like a ballsack. If you've got wienerbreath, You've had some balls in your mouth.
Timmy: "Agghhh, what's that smell?"
Johnny: "Ummm, I don't know."
Me: "Timmy, I think Johnny's got wienerbreath."
by "P Nizzle" February 17, 2010
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Title dubbed to dorks with funky breath induced by excessive wiener consumption.
Yo wiener breath, which aisle can I find the hot dogs in?
by Kevin Willis March 01, 2007
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When I female (or in some rarer and less desirable situations a male) performs too much oral sex in a single evening or event, that their breath may begin to resemble the smell of wieners, becoming a terrible turn off for all sexualities of individuals.
That bitch must've got around on everyone last night, cuz once she got to me she was reaking of wiener breath.
by supachet November 15, 2009
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