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There are two ways to have a wiener drizzle:

1. You and your gay fag friends go and have a jerk off party on top of a really fucking big ass building. Then you rip out your little 1 centimeter cocks and dangle them on the edge of a building. Make sure to bring a home and garden magazine to beat off to. Then just squeeze your Johnston till you get all that cream out and watch it fall on black guys heads.

2. If you want hail with your wiener drizzle, then drop your pants and squat your ass over the edge of a building and squeeze those turds right out your rectum and watch them fall on fat black guys heads.
Awe shit, Dick I forgot my umbrella again. Looks like there's gona be a shit ton of wiener drizzle today.
by Scrogy Mc Booger Balls June 25, 2011
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