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A taller than average white male, who drives a red jeep, while singing to Alicia Keys.
Widman's are known for cutting their pancakes into shapes like triangles, and eating them in a clockwise motion.
The best way to spot a Widman, is to search random songs on your ipod, and wait to see if you hear a womanly voice start to sing whatever is also playing on the ipod at the current time.
Last but not least, a widman's best physical feature...other than his huge package...are his chubby cheeks.
That man cut's his pancakes like a Widman.

Dude your totally being a widman with my ipod...

Look at that cute little baby, he has widman cheeks!

*Girl 1 to Girl 2:My boyfriend totally pulled a widman!

*Girl 2: Oh my goodness! He bought a jeep and he listens to Alicia Keys now? He is so fine!

*Girl 1:Yeah an he is taken hoochie.
by *CoOlistChickEvr* February 25, 2008
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