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-A pixel based site created by Dee Hardrath and her husband, James.
-An online community founded in 2004 that is engaging, entertaining, and SAFE for "kids" of all ages. It is a free site that runs on members and sponsorships.
-A place where individuals can build a personalized representation of themselves in the community as a Whuddle.
-Though initially targeting 8- to 16-year-olds, the age sign up has been moved from 8 to 12, WhuddleWorld attracted kids of all ages, with a number of 16- to 24-year-olds and up frequenting the site. A place where Parents and Grandparents can sign on with their kids and know they are safe.
-While not consider an "Edutainment" site, there is a desire to create awareness of social issues, such as: Respect for the natural environment, acceptance of different cultures, being kind and respectful toward others, helping the less fortunate, and encouraging artistic exploration and expression.
Have you heard of the cute new pixel site Whuddleworld? You should sign up!

Hmm, Whuddleworld reminds me of Neopets...

I'll check out Whuddleworld to see what all the talk is about.
by Unicogirl November 15, 2006
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