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An extremely cancerous sentence posted on youtube comment sections of old videos so they can easily get likes. Usually, videos posted within the years 2005, to 2010 in 2017.

Yep, just post one simple "Who's watching in 2017" or whatever year you're in and you'll get likes in no time. About 10% of people hate this type of comment. The other 90% though, love it because it gets them likes and they don't have the skillz to become pro at making likable youtube comments.
Who's watching in 2017?




Not me.

And someone that actually thinks this comment is cancerous, "I'm watching in 2017 too, Btw that type of comment is cancerous.

Who's watching in (Present year) basically it is just baiting to get likes.
by LittleRocketMan February 27, 2017
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