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A white washed is school with no culture that only follows trends. Being a white washed school isn't exactly bad but it just means the school is very boring and doesn't have anything special to it. In these types of schools their are a large amount of patronising and very condescending people even though most people who attend the school are all in the same level of social status. Nothing about these schools are slightly interesting or fun. These schools give students a-lot of stress and ultimately push them to constantly have headaches from every time they walk into it.
Brittany: You know schools not that bad
Taylor: What are you talking about. School is so bad like this is literally a White-Washed School
Brittany: Wait whats a white washed school.
Taylor: A white washed school is a school that doesnt have anything to it.
by Random girly gal February 13, 2019
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