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When people have no $ to pay their bills, don't work or if they do it's a part time cash job, and they live on welfare getting free food stamps, health care, housing assistance, free child care, but have expensive things like the newest smart phone or newest clothing. They usually have several kids. They somehow make it seem to everyone else that they are rich and have the best life ever.

They always have the $ for new toys such as vehicles, 4wheelers, dirt bikes, etc. They max out a dozen credit cards but have $ to go on vacation, get their hair done, nails done, get new clothes all the time, $ for cigarettes, go out on the weekends, and brag about people being jealous of them.

This word could also be applied to the feeling that people on welfare get during tax time. Because usually they have several kids so they get thousands and thousands of dollars back from Taxes, and then either blow it all like they won the lottery or they live off of it for the rest of the year.
They sure are β€œWhite Trash Rich” because I heard their other car got repoed again and their house is getting taken away, but they just bought another SUV and are taking a vacation. Must be nice to live on welfare, not pay your bills, and not have a job. Then I could afford to do those things too.
by SassyJax01 February 24, 2012
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