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The times in horrormovies where the characters (who somehow always happen to be white) find themselves in stupid, deadly, or extremely difficult situations that were COMPLETELY avoidable if they had used the common sense that falls under these three categories: 1.) LEAVE IT ALONE 2.) NEVER INVESTIGATE 3.) LISTEN TO THE ADVICE(which is usually to leave something alone)
Amityville Horror-Listen to Advice
Listen white people, if you're seeing bodies and someone or something tells you to get out, DO IT. When the family stayed, it was White People Syndrome (W.P.S.)

Paranormal Activity-Listen to Advice
The idiot husband did the opposite of the ADVICE the guy told them. He taunted the spirit, and grabbed a ouji board. White People Syndrome (W.P.S.)

The Blair Witch Project-Never Investigate
A rumor is going around, that if you walk into a certain forest, you will get killed. Going to avoid it? Nope! You have to find out exactly what’s going on, on tape. White People Syndrome

Chernobyl Diaries- Leave it Alone/Never Investigate
Who’s up for vacationing in creepy abandoned radioactive towns? The white kids! Nuclear fallout =deadly. Do not enter. Stay away. But did they? NO. That’s White People Syndrome

Prometheus-Leave it Alone
If you had left that big mysterious alien infested planet alone white people, life would still be yours. But you HAD to know. (W.P.S)

The Ring-Leave it Alone/Never Investigate
Why would you investigate a tape that reputed to be killing people? That is one movie that these characters could have left on the shelf. And who is ‘investigating’ this phenomenon? A white person. Therefore, it’s White People Syndrome (W.P.S.)
by 4ever_GC July 02, 2012
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