White dog poo - An iconic by-product of the 1970s: the decade of explosive colour and outrageous fashions. With towering platform boots, garish floral patterns and ridiculously long wing collars to compete with, pet food manufacturers quickly got on board. By combining a large dose of bone meal they created a poo which put the pooch back in synch with its owner. Unfortunately as the decade came to a close, the poo became dull and brackish in line with the sober fashions and bleak economic outlook that followed. There are those who believe that returning to the days of white dog poo would be a return to the halcyon days of our era. It is said that one such person is the politician Jeremy Bernard Corbyn. Whether he will succeed will depend upon a generation not even born then. However, knowing how colour attracts youth, there's every chance we'll be seeing glistening little white logs littering our streets again someday soon.
This country has no prospects anymore. If only we could go back to the days of white dog poo when there was hope and optimism and people celebrated being alive.
by IndieB December 20, 2017