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Application of various disreputable and/or dishonest strategies, employed by the giver in a regifting situation, calculated to deceive the recipient into a) believing that the gift was not known by the giver to be undesirable at the time of giving (e.g., broken, malfunctioning, diseased, leaking, putrid, hazardous, malodorous, untrained, etc.), while, b) concealing the fact that the giver has already received his purchase price back through application of some other white trash artifice. Closely related to white trash rebate, white trash refund, white trash warranty claim, white trash exchange, etc.
Claudette, Claude's double 3/4 cousin, would not have been hesitant to complain that the "resting" gerbil he gave her on her 7th birthday hadn't moved in 3 days, had she known that she was the victim of a white trash regifting and that Claude had already obtained a refund plus a "disposal fee" thrown in as a bonus.
by texlex1961 January 29, 2009
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