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THe unfortunate happenstance when a natural bro is raised with only sisters. Much like a bro the WTG will wear flat-brimmed caps, a lot of black, but prefers skin or a wife-beater. SOmetimes it's hard to tell that they do this, as they will wear extremely bright colored shirts, and even the occasional polo.However, they tend to drive old sports cars or trucks.WTG's tend to date non-Bro Hoes, but lust after the Bro Hoe type. THey also tend to claim to be hopeless romantics, but hardly ever act on said claim.. The longer a girl dates a WTG the more broish he will become. The gentleman side of them comes out whe their girl is in distress. THey will handle the situation calmly, and act very sweet. However, as soon as teh girl completes her emotional recovery, the bro will come back with a vengeance. The WTG will then demand either a beer, a sandwhich or both.
Lisa: I don't understand, we were having a wonderful talk, and as soon as I admitted that I was being irrational, he told me to make up for it I needed to go get him a beer.

Jena: I told you he was a white trash gentleman.
by WTGrecovery August 10, 2011
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