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A punk rock band founded by two white sububan punk in 1997. Established in 2007 by two white suburban punks over hard liquor, filthy whores and drugs,

Scotty G. a certified deadman, forced from his home in Indiana by a semi-active police manhunt


–RomeeRoam, a security expert, specializing in explosives and unarmed-combat

have spent the better part of the decade traveling the world screaming punk on stale beer and twisted lies.

One day while camping deep in the Osarks,

–Smiles the Clown, an AWOL percussionist stage perfomer from a traveling Russian circus

stumbled upon them while in the midst of a six week peyote trip.

Together, Whiskey face continues to roam the country, wreaking havoc from town to town, dodging bills, and rocking all original music in the tradition of true DIY punk.
by Whiskeyface July 03, 2013
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A drinking game, in which a group of people, form a social circle surrounding a bottle of whiskey. The game is played by passing the bottle around one by one taking sips (or, if you're a real drinker, gulps). A 'foul' is committed when the person, taking the sip (or gulp) makes a disgusted face (or whiskey face, if you will) during, or immediately after the consumption of whiskey. If a person, does indeed commit a foul, they have to take another 'penalty' sip for doing so. Once, the person successfully finishes the sip without forming a whiskey face, he or she is then permitted to pass the bottle to the new player sitting beside them.

The game is finished, when the bottle is done. No throwing up is permitted.
You better take another sip bitch, because you totally just made a whiskey face.

Perhaps we should gather the family, to play a nice wholesome game of Whiskey face.

If you were a real man, you could take a gulp of that shit without making a whiskey face.

Look at that pussy freshman making a whiskey face, what a pathetic excuse for a college student.
by Evan The Animal January 15, 2007
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The disgusted-looking face resulting from taking an unusually large gulp of whiskey. Most experienced drinkers can manage to hold it back, but a less seasoned boozer will break out their whiskey face at even the smallest of sips.
Person A: Hey man pass the handle!

(Person B passes)

(Person A takes an enormous gulp of whiskey to look hard, followed by a whiskey face)

Person B: Haha nice whiskey face faggot.
by Frankie Da Tank January 01, 2011
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