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Noun. A series of drinks, or more specifically a series of whiskey shots lined up on the bar top and drunken in rapid succession. A Whiskey Train comprises of at least three shots (though preferably more), each shot containing a different brand of whiskey. The most important part of the Whiskey Train is the final drink which is called the Caboose. The Caboose is the last car on the train and should be a memorable one. The choice of the Caboose is up to the drinker’s discretion, but a particularly effective Caboose is a boilermaker which is definitely recommended. Essentially, the Whiskey Train is ideal for the serious drinker on the go, who has no time for messing around. Not suggested for amateurs.
Barkeep, give me a five-car Whiskey Train with a boilermaker caboose, and make it snappy! I’ve got to be at work in fifteen minutes.
by bigdanshooter May 21, 2011
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