A party game:
Step 1: You get some whiskey
Step 2: You find a partner
Step 3: You take a shot
Step 4: Just as you drink the whiskey, your partner slaps you across the face
Step 5: You hug your partner
Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5, switching roles

(As seen in the movie "Beside Still Waters")
- Let's play Whiskey Slap!
- No, you never slap me hard enough.
- Oh, oh... I'm so sorry.

"What's a Whiskey Slap?"
- Henry
by WHISKEYSLAP March 28, 2014
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A game of rough and tumble fun.

1. Drink whiskey with friends until all are feisty drunk.
2. Slap the hell out of someone without warning.
3. If you are slapped, retaliate with wrestling maneuvers until your attacker is subdued or you are both laughing too hard to continue.
4. Drink more whiskey while waiting for the next round to begin.

Game rules and beginning must be agreed upon ahead of time.
Refusal to play must be respected.

No slap backs.
Victoria, Roach, Austin and I had a good whiskey slap wrassle Friday night.

I got this black eye in a whiskey slap wrassle.
by Heterogeneity October 23, 2012
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Same rules as whiskey slap, but you slap bare asses instead. Good for all genders, a man can whiskey slap ass a woman with no regerts...
Friend 1: Wanna play whiskey slap?
Friend 2: I don't wanna play against Carol
Friend 1: we can play whiskey slap ass...
Friend 2: Yeah! I'd whiskey slap that ass!
by The Matthew Alan October 8, 2017
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