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A person that whinges way too much.

An insult from the conflation of the words whinge + vagina, to draw on the stereotype of whinging women. More effectively used to insult men as a way to both attack their masculinity and get them to shut the fuck up.
Matt shut the fuck up and stop being a Whingina!
by Esk Esk September 21, 2009
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A woman who frequently whinges or whines, often with little cause.

Although this word is primarily used for whinging females, it can be and sometimes is applyed to males who whinge, in an attempt to return the insult.

The origin of the word stems from the words "whinge"and "vagina" being combined and then contracted.
Edwina, stop being such a whingina!
by Çŭnning-Liñgüist July 08, 2009
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