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Those that are carried over to the country by Illegals, then, because their born here, expect the red carpet. They think that they are entitled, and everyone owes them everything because you have it and they don't . They were never taught basic communicating skills. They push and shove, while in a line, and disrespect elders, old people, women, & especially the disabled. They would never think about getting a job and working for it. You are expected to just give them everything, because you are the one that is lucky. If they got a job, that would mean getting up early for work every day, not doing their drugs, being told by somebody what to do, and heaven forbid, PAYING TAXES.
I was trying to pay at the cashier window, when this Wheel Barrow Baby behind me said: I ain't wait'n in no damn line no longer. Maybe I'll just not pay for this shit!
by arckstr4u May 24, 2011
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