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Whats Up Arnprior is a facebook page for the residents of Arnprior, On., Canada. It is run by a dictator, CC, who feels he is the moral authority on every subject in town. Although having almost 10,000 members, Couper will not relinquish his admin stronghold as he would feel less important than he already is. It is also the page where most people post status' that would be better suited for their own personal fb page but feel the need to share their inane thoughts with the whole town. Marc B. uses the page as his own personal "I want likes" page with this pathetic attempts at being a food critic. (He has never had a meal that he didn't like) . Whats Up Arnprior has almost as many members as the town has citizens but do not be fooled. A large percentage of members are from other towns who come to read the posts and laugh at what a sad town Arnprior actually is.
I visited Whats Up Arnprior to see the postings of inbred rednecks.
by diebissonnette July 01, 2018
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