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1. a euphenism that basically means that stupid ignoramuses will believe stupid things, or practically anything for that matter.

2. a 1979 #1 hit for the Doobie Brothers. It's on the album "Minute by Minute" and in the liner note pages there is a large picture of a half-smoked reefer, doobie. This is the DOOBIE Brothers we're talking about here, right? How about them apples?
1. My girlfriend Elaine calls me up on the phone. She talks with me about many things and she tells me that Mindy (my ex from the previous year) has gone back to George for the sixth time (she broke up with me to get back to HIM) and she told Elaine that "this time it's for real and forever". Suddenly I calmy reply with the line "what a fool believeeeessss...". Elaine starts laughing on the other end and soon I do too. Hey, I didn't think about it, I just said it.

2. Timmy just heard from talk radio that Obama is going to censor the airwaves, send goon squads to every house to take away ALL our guns, establish a "socialist" agenda for America that will govern every aspect of our lives, and other wildideas. Timmy eats this bullshit all up, every bit of it.

What a fool believes.

3. On a more tragic note, someone who got pink slipped in Pittsburgh shouted that ridiculous rumor about "Obama will take away all our firearms" before slaying four police officers. Look at what a fool believes and how it can lead to tragedy. Even if the rumor were true (it's been said by some rabble rousers at least TWICE since 1988, what did those cops in Pittsburgh, PA do to deserve getting mowed down like that? ZERO. See what untrue allegations can cause, what ignorant fools believe and how it can lead to bloodshed. Then read some history books and you can see what lies, fearmongering, ignorance, superstition can precipitate. We need to stop the madness yesterday.

4. Pat Robinson, a "Christian" minister known for his 700 Club (among other things) essentially put a price on the head of Hugo Chavez, saying that he was a "menace" and a "danger" and that we must "kill him". Now come ON! Chavez is just a blowhard, he can't maintain affairs at home. He's just making an ass of himself. He's no menace to us. Neither is Saddam Hussein (yes Saddam was a bastard but he was no threat to us, not by a long shot). Look how the sheep respond. What a fool believes.

5. the TV newsman reports that the "experts" now say that there's an "obesity epidemic" rampant in America, especially with children. Take a look around. Look in the ads in the magazines and Sunday papers. There are youth looking like what is now called "heroin chic". Who's kidding whom? It's probably another way to divert the public's attention from the problems and evils happening today. What a fool believes.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice July 10, 2009
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