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A two-part masturbation move for males only. The first portion of the move is called the Whalecock. The process begins when a male takes his half-erect penis and inserts it into his own butthole. The phallus is then removed and smelled for arousal purposes. The cock is quickly placed back in the anus, and the male will proceed to ejaculate in his own butthole. This move is then followed by the Blowhole. The Blowhole begins as the male has just jizzed in his own asshole as a result of "Whalecocking." The masturbator will then proceed to fart at full power. The release of gas will cause the penis and fresh semen to fly out of the butthole in a sporadic and unpredictable manner often resulting in a poopy/cummy mess.
I can't believe your mom told us all that story about the time she caught you doing the Whalecock Blowhole to that Dane Cook video!
by Drake McIntyre June 07, 2009
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