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A person who is overly obssessed or dedicated to being a "teacher's pet". They are known do everything that is in their means to acheive their goal of being a Teacher's Pet. Most people don't like or want to be a Teacher's Pet, which is a step down from a "Whale of A Teacher's Pet". These people are known to excessively (even more then a normal "Teacher's Pet") brag and kiss up to the teacher. They obsess over getting a 4.0 and may even come up with retarded nicknames for themselves, like "PowerHouse".

These type of people do not accept no for an answer. If they want extra credit, there is no other option then just giving it to them. They act all nice, but really they're jerks. They like to brag about nothing and make up stories just to make themselves look good. They can be bold at times, but when told off, they become scared and have no clue what to do. But, most the time they are just given what they want because people don't know how to react to their smugness.
Whale of a Teacher's Pet: whoa. I could get into any college I want. I deserve a 5.0, not a 4.0.

Teacher: oh,alright. I'll just take your college tuition out of my paycheck. I may have to sell my house, but I'd do anything for you.

Whale: now that sounds better. I knew you'd comply with me.
by _Fancy_ March 02, 2011
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