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Whack Fest can occur any time, but usually on a Saturday morning/afternnon. It consists of Masturbating thouroughly for at the least amount of time 2 hours to the prefered 5 hour mark. This masterbation is done consistently by stopping just before you are about to "Blow the Load!" Wait about 10-15 min (no touchy touchy!) then proceed again. Keep this up for the prefered 5 hours, and let it go! This will leave you with Mt. St. Helen in your crotch.
Scenario 1: Corey- "YO, Scott what are you going to do this weekend?" Scott- "I'm gonna participate in a whack fest."

Scenario 2: That test was hard, I think I deserve to have a whack fest.

Scenario 3: "No, mom I cant go to Uncle Clyde's Funneral. Why? Because I'm gonna do whack fest! Damn it!"
by Dana Poling October 07, 2004
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