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South Dakotan slang originating from the Chamberlain/Oacoma area during the early 21st Century. The term is used to describe:

A) Arrogant sociopaths suffering from delusions of grandeur and a grossly exaggerated sense of self-importance.

B) An ignorant sadist who delights in torturing others with repeated melodramatic recollections of past feats of sexual prowess, sporting abilities, or superhuman feats of strength which grow more exaggerated with every telling of a patently false story.

C) A narcissist who takes joy in rudely condeming the shortcomings of others because he/she is something greater than a mere mortal.
A) That frickin' Wetz thinks that the only reason he is trapped in a joyless marriage is because that woman owes him something for the pleasure of his company.

B) So this Wetz spent all day telling me about this fish he caught. At first, it was a 20 pound catfish, but by the end of the day, he claimed to have landed a 20 ton great white shark from the Missouri River using nothing more than his bare hands while having sex with four Czechoslovokian women at the same time while bungee jumping off the railroad bridge...

C) So this Wetz starts bossing the Irish kid around because the poor slob hasn't managed to somehow strangle a grizzly bear to death with the elastic band in his underwear after having drank five cases of beer, two quarts of tequila, a fistful of Viagras...
by Mike Wetzdabed June 02, 2005
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