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Inspired by the words of fellow Inbetweeners classmates when describing Will, the 'new kid', as a "Briefcase Wanker".

Coined while on holiday in Cornwall, England, the term "Wetsuit Wanker" was used to describe the numerous surfers, bodyboarders and those who do neither of the above while still subscribing to the 'Surf Bum' lifestyle/image; the term also extends to anyone has appointed themselves the possition of 'Newquay Lifeguard' and proudly dons the respective hoody.

Wetsuit Wankers can be seen in and around most seaside towns in Cornwall and Devon; and, on the most part, serve no other purpose than to influence more impressionable people into participating in their Wetsuit Wankery.
"Are there any real shops in Newquay? M&S? Burtons? Or are there only shops for Wetsuit Wankers?"

"Oh no, he's gone and hired a wetsuit and now hes trying to bodyboard! Alass, our good friend has become a Wetsuit Wanker; we can no longer associate with him."
by Dan Ceiley July 22, 2008
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