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Male member would do the following:
- Cum in mouth
- Piss on face/in mouth
- take a soft shit in & around the mouth
- spit

The recipient would then complete the "wet stack" by vomiting the items onto the erect penis and/or face of the other member.
Gary ejaculated into Cindy's mouth and quickly spun around to release his bowels held back by the butt plug into her mouth. He quickly stood up and and began to urinate upon her face, which was visibly showing signs of nausea. He quickly spat upon the pile of excrement and layed flat on his back. Cindy immediately sat upright and vomited onto Gary's open mouth. Thus completing the act of the wetstack.

The two then basked in the afterglow before money was exchanged and Gary left.
by /thread June 07, 2009
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