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Someone who doesn't participate in a specific activity because they are scared. Someone who is a pussy!
You didn't get your eyebrow pierced, you wet potato.
by Wet Potato September 23, 2005
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A game in which 4-10 men enter a locker room and strip naked. The rules are as follows:
1. All men must rub baby oil upon each other until completely soaked.
2. The youngest player starts with a butter-soaked potato.
3. The player with the potato must hold on to the for as long as possible without dropping it.
4. If the potato is dropped, the player who dropped it must bend over to pick it up.
5. The first player to get his penis in the dropper's anus gets to hold the potato.
7. If the potato is picked up, one point is scored.
8. First person to get 8 points wins.
"Hey man, the guys and I are going to the gym to play Wet Potato, you want in?"
by chickentestes March 11, 2014
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