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An incredibly sick and emotionally unstable woman who sleeps with multiple men and lies to everyone. While engaged, she slept with a soldier under her supervision. Then, when she left for R&R, she got married.

Living a dualistic life, she went through with the marriage, all the while professing complete and total love to the young soldier she would soon rejoin in Afghanistan.

I wonder if her brand new husband is aware that she plans to reunite with her lover? I wonder if her lover knows that she just got married on R&R?
Jamaal loves SSG Westwhoreland so much that he can't wait for her to get back to Afghanistan.

Poor Holland thinks he has a loving new wife who would never cheat on him. Check her MySpace.
I wonder when she will officially change her last name from Westwhoreland to Holland? I wonder if Jamaal wouldn't mind calling her SSG Holland?
by found your lies May 27, 2009
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